About Jayn

Chamber Music Experience

1981-present The New York New Music Ensemble, (executive director, 1993-present)
1984-present Chamber Ensemble, League of Composers/ISCM, NY chapter
1985-present Manchester Music Festival, Manchester, VT
1992-present Washington Square Contemporary Music Society, NYC
1995-present Richardson Ensemble at Princeton University
1966-1996 Continuum: Performers' Committee for Twentieth Century Music
1982-98 & 1963-69 New York Camerata
2000-03 Quicksilver, Flute Trio, NYC
1994-95 Lincoln Center Institute Woodwind Quintet
1985-93 L'Ensemble, Cambridge, NY
1980-84 Princeton Ensemble
1972-78 Millstone Trio, Princeton, NJ, founding member (original ensemble of NJ Young Audiences)
1967 Accademia Internazionale di Musica da Camera, Rome