It wasn't news to find that Princeton University's Richardson Auditorium was full to the rafters March 10 for "Mystical Poetry," the Princeton Symphony Orchestra's latest concert. Under the direction of Rossen Milanov, the PSO keeps going from strength to strength.

Debussy and Mahler wrote for virtuoso orchestra, or better, an orchestra of virtuoso players. The PSO did not disappoint. Both pieces provide numerous spotlights for solo players. Let the kudos that a dozen players deserve devolve upon principal flutist Jayne Rosenfeld, representing them all. "Faun" has one of the most exposed and tricky flute lines in the entire orchestral literature. To a certain extent, that line sets the tone for the entire performance. Rosenfeld was superb.

What's to be said about Maestro Milanov? The PSO has the services of one of the most imaginative, adventurous and intelligent conductors on the American scene. Let's not make too big a noise about this. After all, we would like to keep him here for as long as possible.

Central Jersey Sunnews, March 19, 2012, Michael Redmond, reviewer

Salvatore Sciarrino, Cerchio Tagliato dei Suoni, (Cutting the Circle of Sounds) 1997
Four soloists, 100 "migrant" flutists. Guggenheim Museum, November 20, 2012, New York City

"For Mr. Sciarrino's piece she (Zara Lawler) engaged as principal players four prominent New York flutists: Claire Chase and Eric Lamb of the International Contemporary Ensemble; Kelli Kathman, a regular participant in Alarm Will Sound and Signal; and Jayn Rosenfeld, the New York New Music Ensemble flutist and executive director. Positioned around an audience arranged in a square, with an aisle cut through it, the soloists exchanged trills, hisses, sputters and violent bursts. Around 10 minutes into the 70-minute work a cadre of 100 additional flutists -- "migranti," Mr Sciarrino designates them -- marched through the aisle, playing breathy, hooded sounds at the cusp of audibility. These players, seasoned professionals and small children alike, circulated intermittently, some using intact instruments while others blew through head joints only."

"Flouting Flute Convention, Flautists Flute en Masse"
The Arts, New York Times, Thursday, November 22, 2012, Steve Smith, reviewer

The Princeton Symphony Orchestra's Top 10 Moments of 2010-2011

We celebrate the end of a successful season by looking back on the year's most memorable highlights!

#4: PSO Soundtracks: "Playing in Circles"

Jayn Rosenfeld's PSO Soundtracks lecture at the Princeton Public Library vividly illustrated what it's like to be an orchestral musician. Plus, the audience got firsthand experience by participating in singing and rhythm activities!