About Jayn


"Jayn Rosenfeld brings music alive for students of all ages and captures the spirit of music in her engaging master classes.

Teachers, students, and general audiences benefit from her global experience as a performing artist and creative musician. Jayn coaches string instruments as well as winds with a superb knowledge of the technical issues involved in performance. This expertise combined with an extensive repertoire in chamber performance herself, lends itself to a master class setting for gifted students who are serious about playing chamber music.

Her energy and spirit, patience, and sense of broad gestures in music also enable Jayn to effectively coach amateurs of all ages and levels of ability.

Jayn's presentation for the New Jersey Music Teachers State Convention in 2004 was the inspiration for a week long summer camp of chamber music for pianists, winds, and strings. Jayn's clarity, musicianship, and equanimity in working with the various chamber groups at the convention so impressed me, that it inspired an entire week of camp dedicated to bringing middle through high school together to study chamber music culminating in a highlighted master class with Jayn. It has been was a huge success and has continued to be an inspiration to faculty and students for five years.

Students remember "in the spirit of the ink" and come away from her master classes with inspiration and an impetus to do so much more with their musical studies in preparation for truly great performances."

Dr. Patricia Tupta Landy
Westminster Conservatory of Music
Princeton, NJ
September, 2010

"Jayn does a wonderful job getting the kids to stop thinking so much with their heads and more with their heart. With a teaching style that puts the students at ease, they are soon doing a much better job of communicating with each other as well as showing more awareness of musical form."

Kenneth Ellison
Clarinet teacher, Westminster Conservatory of Music
and Westminster Chamber Camp
Princeton, NJ

"When Jayn Rosenfeld coaches, I gain a great deal of insight in a short amount of time. She has a gentle way of insisting on subtleties in the shaping of musical lines."

Laurie Cascante
Cello teacher, Westminster Conservatory of Music
and Westminster Chamber Camp
Princeton, NJ

"I have been a member of Jayn Rosenfeld's flute ensemble classes for something like ten years now, and I'm still learning new things from her. Jayn has a unique, almost zen-like insight into flute playing and flute players, and how they fit together, and I am always impressed with how she attacks problems from the inside—it's never 'Do this,' but, rather, 'Try this, and see if it helps you approach the problem from a better angle.' Jayn has an innate understanding of everything from the physiology of breathing to the proper way to handle a baroque embellishment, and she is unquestionably the best flute coach I have ever had."

Charles Briefer
Member, Greenwich House Music School flute workshop
New York